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Sweet Home Elementary

Sweet Home Elementary

Helping elementary school children develop the social, emotional, and academic skills necessary to excel at home, in school and beyond. Everyday our buildings fill up with hundreds of children participating in hands on fun activities that are teaching them how to be great and give back to the world they live in. From fun fitness activities and nutrition classes to S.T.E.M. and art lessons, our members know all about having fun with a purpose.

  • C.A.T.C.H.

    Coordinated Approach to Childhood Health. These gym activities are the perfect blend of fun and fitness.

  • S.T.E.M.

    Science Tech Engineering and Math. Learning can be very fun! Just ask our kids that spend time experimenting in science club and building and designing in our engineering activities.

  • ART

    Members not only can get creative and messy, but the get to learn about all types of art from around the world and throughout history.

  • TECH

    Members learn new skills such as coding, and have a fun time creating and exploring the world of technology. Every member that uses our computers must first complete the internet safety course to ensure online safety.


    Not only does every member have the opportunity to complete their homework every day, they also will be challenged with new learning opportunities to enhance their scholastic experience.


    Every kid loves using their imagination to have fun. This program is all about imaginative play. Dress up, Lincoln logs, tent building, and drama classes are a huge hit without members.


    In this space, our Youth Development Professionals create games that include 15-25 kids involved at a time. They are able to make a bigger impact, and all kids are involved in an activity instead of waiting in line for their turn to play a table game. They are able to practice following instructions, working within a group, and gain leadership skills.

The Staff

Sweet Home Branch Director: Tyler Reece (
Sweet Home Elementary Program Coordinator: Brittany Flint (