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On March 23, 2020 the Club took immediate action in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and opened it’s doors to provide Emergency Childcare for our local communities. To date, we have provided 1,496 hours of highly regulated care for preschool and elementary aged children and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

During these times, we understand and appreciate parent concerns related to the health and safety practices of our programs. Our programs are operating under the strict guidance of the Early Learning Division, Department of Education, and Oregon Health Authority.  To that end, we want to address these questions / concerns by highlighting what we are doing to keep our children and staff safe while attending our programs, including but not limited to:

Workplace Safety Training required for ALL staff

Hand washing / sanitation required by all staff and children prior to entering buildings

Daily health screenings for children and staff before commencing work / attending programs

Stable, age- appropriate, cohort groups of children and staff to eliminate intermingling

Strict sanitation protocol and schedules (restrooms, eating areas, high touch areas /objects, etc.)

Increased outside activity time for fresh air

Increased indoor ventilation / air flow

Strict food safety protocol for meal and snack times

Face coverings required for all staff providing direct service

Face coverings required for children in kindergarten and older while in facility (beginning 8/31/2020)

Social distancing policies for staff

Age appropriate social distancing visual markers for children

Strict illness response protocol for children and staff

If you have questions / concerns related to our health and safety procedures, please call your local BGCGS office at 541.258.7105 (Lebanon) and 541.367.6421 (Sweet Home) and your message will be delivered to the appropriate Program Coordinator. You can also view our complete COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan here.

We are proud to deliver these high quality programs for our children and families. In order to keep up with the strict staffing and sanitation requirements listed here, the Club’s operational costs have increased substantially. BGCGS relies on the support of generous donors to ensure our programs remain available to our local communities. If you are able to provide financial support for these programs please visit our donation page here or reach out to our Director for Development, Shyla Malloy, at