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Thank you for your interest in the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Santiam.

The BGCGS is a more complex organization than most understand at first glance.  BGCGS provides services to over 600 children every day at five program sites in Lebanon and Sweet Home. 

Annually our membership is near 3,000 and our total youth service number is over 6,000. 

Programs and services include a state licensed child development center (Kids Club), preschool (Punkin Seed), two Pre-K Clubs (Sweet Home Clubhouse and Pioneer School), Kinder Club (Lebanon), elementary and middle school / junior high programs (Lebanon and Sweet Home), Training Teens for Tomorrow (Lebanon), and the VAULT (Lebanon High School Afterschool Leadership Program).  All program sites include daily afterschool meals (85,000 meals were served last year). 

In addition to youth development / afterschool programs, and athletics, BGCGS support community wide health and wellness with a Health and Wellness Coordinator on staff.  We also assist other local nonprofits by providing use of space, referrals, and other support whenever possible.

The cost of all this work in support of our vision for a vibrant and prosperous community where all children thrive comes with a cost, a cost that grows year after year – this year that cost is over $2 million. 

Below you’ll find more details about income.  We’ve also provided links to the BGCGS most recent 990 filing, and the current 2016/2017 budget.

If you have additional questions about BGCGS financials feel free to contact our Executive Director – Kris Latimer at

How we are funded:

As shown below, the majority of the Club’s funding comes from fundraising and events, individual contributions (gifts/donations), program services fees, and contracted services.

Program Service Fees are fees families / individuals pay for participation – this includes Kids Club Child Development Center, Punkin Seed Preschool, and athletics.  Less than 10% of this slice of the pie is made up of fees paid for the afterschool program.

Contracted Services are programs that the Club is reimbursed for, these include the afterschool meal program, free preschool programs at Pioneer School and the Sweet Home Clubhouse, and community health and wellness work.

You’ll notice that there is no slice of pie noted for general government funding, school district or other support.  This is NOT an error – the Club receives no funding in support of afterschool or general outreach programs from any of these sources.

Grants and Foundation funding makes up just over 12% of our annual funding.  We write for and win dozens of grants annually.  Because we must raise over $2 million annually we aim for larger grants and have had a great deal of success.  Grant / foundation funders tend to require organizations to sit out following awards, therefore this funding can vary greatly year to year.

The bottom line is that the majority of funding for BGCGS comes from generous supporters who care about children and their community.  For this support we are very grateful.

Income by Source: 




For more than a century, Clubs have helped put young people on the path to great futures.